Online booking system for Hair Salon

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This is a demo page.

You can try to book an appointment online (However, there is no actual appointment taking place, it showing appointment booking type: Service Schedule)



Resource schedule: You define one or more ‘resources’, such as a person, object or location. Each resource can only be booked once per time period.
Example: Your clients can pick a time to come see you within the business hours you set
Example: Employees can reserve a meeting room whenever it is free

Capacity schedule: You define ‘slots’ on the schedule that can hold multiple bookings. This schedule is intended for group events such as classes.
Example: Students can choose a class and sign up until it’s full
Example: People can sign up for an event you are hosting

Service schedule: You define ‘services’ which can consist of multiple resources. A service is only available if all required resources are available.
Example: Customers can book a treatment which requires that both a room and an assistant are available