Online booking system for Spa & Massage

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This is a demo

Online booking system for spa and massage 

Booking online with ease for various services provided by spa and massage wellness center. The schedule allows you to list all service with duration and price, making this easy to manage your reservation from clients.
See example below



Resource schedule: You define one or more ‘resources’, such as a person, object or location. Each resource can only be booked once per time period.
Example: Your clients can pick a time to come see you within the business hours you set
Example: Employees can reserve a meeting room whenever it is free

Capacity schedule: You define ‘slots’ on the schedule that can hold multiple bookings. This schedule is intended for group events such as classes.
Example: Students can choose a class and sign up until it’s full
Example: People can sign up for an event you are hosting

Service schedule: You define ‘services’ which can consist of multiple resources. A service is only available if all required resources are available.
Example: Customers can book a treatment which requires that both a room and an assistant are available