Appointment Scheduling Online Solution

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Online Appointment Scheduling Solution

That Helps You Win Customers Scheduling book and phone no longer meet requirements of your clients. 
Let your customers book appointments comfortably in their own home and space 24/7. You can now easily manage appointments, customers and staff members with Appointmemt101’s easy online appointment scheduling software. 
Appointment101 helps you work smartly and save time so you can concentrate on growing your business. There are more reasons to use our intelligent appointment scheduling software.

Can Appointment be link to Online Meetings

The appointment can be automated with online meetings  
1. Zoom // Automatically generate unique link and password to all parties. 
2. GoToMeeting // Automatically generate links and codes with new appointments.

What type of appointment can be booked

With Appointment101 you can book all types of appointment 
1. Book one on one // Book one customer with one staff 
2. Book multiple staff and one customer // Allow customers to book meetings with multiple staff. 
3. Book Group Events // Book multiple customers with one staff. Set up one time or recurring events. 
4. Book One Off Appointments // Send customers a link with only specific times available. 
5. Book as Invite a Friend // Allow customers to invite a friend to appointments. 
6. Book Recurring Appointments // Book one customer for multiple appointemnts at one time.

Can Appointment (Booking) accept payment

Payment can be accepted for booking 
1. AUTHORIZE.NET // Accept payments with your account. No programing needed, just an API key. 
2. STRIPE // Accept payments at the time of booking. Create a Stripe account in 2 minutes, and start collecting payments.

Can Appointment be set for team meetings

Appointment can be set for meetings for whole team 
1. Skill Based routing // Send appointments to the right team member based on skill set. 
2. Round Robin // Send appointments to team round robin based on availability. 
3. Group Events // Book unlimited customers to on class or group event 
4. Multiple User Appointments // Book one customer with multiple staff members.

Can the booking be customize

The booking can be customize 
1. Email Notifications // Customize emails with branding, colors and text. 
2. SMS Reminders // Send up to 2 Text SMS reminders 
3. Time Zones // Automatically display available times based on customer time zone. 
4. Lead Time // Set the minimum lead time before an appointment can be booked. 
5. Start Times // Limit which day and time each appointment can start. 
6. Limit Future Appointments // Limit how far into the future a customer can book. 
7. Buffer Times // Add extra time before and/or after appointments. 
8. Show Me Busy // Only show customer a part of your available calendar.

Is messaging automated

Messaging is automated. 
1. Reviews // Automatically send your customers a message after their appointment with a link to a favorite review site. 
2. Text Message Customization // Send a simple message, or customize with Zoom link and personal message. 
3. Reminders // Send up to 2 reminders (SMS and Email) at custom intervals prior to the appointment. 
4. Automated Confirmation // After booking, we automatically send confirmation emails and sync to calendars.

How will customer book

Customer can book in few ways 
1. Embeded Button // Add a button to any or all of your website pages. Copy and paste code provided. 
2. Booking Page // Use our customize booking page. Match your colors and fonts. 
3. Iframe // Use our copy and paste code to embed the booking widget into your website. 
4. Store Directory // Customers can book at the store directory at Appointment101. 
5. Email Signature // Add a button to your email signature. 
6. Social Media // Embed our booking widget on Facebook, Instagram and others.

Does my calendar sync with your appointment scheduling

The appointment scheduling sync with calendars. You can 2 way sync and / or 1 way sync. 
Various calendars 
1. Outlook Calendar 
2. Office 365 Calendar 
3. ICS Calendar 
4. iCal 
5. Exchange

Which industry need appointment online

Business that relies on client appointments, then continuously improving your booking rate is a must. 
Bookings lead to more traffic, which translates to higher revenues. 
There are many ways to increase client appointments. You can advertise your business, create a referral program, or beef up your marketing efforts. 
But while all these tactics can be effective, your efforts may fall short if you don’t have the best booking system in place. 
Appointment Scheduling Online can boost your business’ efficiency, save time and money, and serve your clients better. 
This leads to your business growth.
Online appointment for Professional Services

Professional Services

  1. Business/life coaches 
  2. Dance studios 
  3. Driving schools 
  4. Daycares/childcare facilities 
  5. Hair, nail salons 
  6. Home services 
  7. Massage therapy/acupuncture 
  8. Personal training/fitness classes 
  9. Pet grooming 
  10. Photography sessions  
  11. Spa services 
  12. Gyms/health clubs 
  13. Automotive services
Online appointment for Business Operation

Business Operation

  1. Customer service calls 
  2. Sales calls and demos
  3. Onboarding/Training sessions
  4. Classes/seminars scheduling 
  5. Resource planning 
  6. Account reviews 
  7. Business consultations 
  8. Field services 
  9. Warehouse management
Online appointment for Education


  1. Campus tours 
  2. Career counseling sessions 
  3. Church volunteer timeslots 
  4. Driving school lessons 
  5. Facility rentals 
  6. Financial aid service sessions 
  7. Massage therapy school appointments 
  8. Higher education such as universities, colleges, high schools 
  9. Music school lessons 
  10. Professor office hours 
  11. Volunteer commitments 
  12. Student appointments 
  13. Tutoring Academic advising appointments
Online appointment for Retail


  1. Personal shopping experiences, fittings, and alterations 
  2. Salons and makeup application
  3. Automotive service and repair 
  4. Computer service and repair 
  5. Technical support 
  6. Makeovers / makeup 
  7. Training, events, and seminars 
  8. Sales appointments 
  9. Customer scheduling 
  10. Retail staff scheduling
Online appointment for Logistics


  1. Distribution Centers 
  2. Docks 
  3. Warehouses 
  4. Transportation 
  5. Freight 
  6. Loading, Shipping, Receiving/Delivery
Online appointment for Health Care


  1. Acupuncture centers 
  2. Blood donation centers 
  3. Chiropractors 
  4. Counselors 
  5. Therapists 
  6. Doctors 
  7. Dentists 
  8. Hospitals 
  9. Clinics 
  10. Medical Spas/massage therapy centers
  11. Psychiatrists/psychologists 
  12. Wellness centers 
  13. Medical Offices 
  14. Physicians
Online appointment for Human Resources

Human Resources

  1. Recruitment screening calls 
  2. Job/candidate interviews 
  3. Onboarding 
  4. Staff training sessions 
  5. Benefits meetings 
  6. Hiring Employees 
  7. Administration
Online appointment for Financial & Banking

Financial & Banking

  1. Banks 
  2. Financial advisors 
  3. Financial planners 
  4. Accountants 
  5. Mortgage, loan officers 
  6. Tax preparers
Online appointment for Churches


  1. Committee Meeting Organizers 
  2. Religious Education Programs 
  3. Religious Facility Rentals 
  4. Sunday School 
  5. Volunteer Coordinators

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